We offer a new service to our customers!

We added another interesting solution to our portfolio. It is the Power BI application, which enables to connect to various company data sources and create business analyses above them.

Power BI is not a self-standing application as we know it. It actually represents a group of applications, services and adjacent connectors which can put relatively disparate data into context and further process it. In general, it can interconnect any data being stored on company serves, cloud storages or anyplace accessible. Power BI consists of the Power BI Desktop application enabling the actual connection to data, subsequently processing and visualizing them through reports and graphs. SaaS services create another component facilitating data sharing with other users or presentation via a mobile app. Report server is an interesting element representing a local server with web portal. Key function of this server is depiction and technical management of various report forms. In the same way every user has and individual role within a company, specific analyses and presentations of their results are tailor-made for particular users or user groups.

If you need to look at your company literally from all aspects, don’t hesitate and contact us. We are happy to help you! With Power BI you are going to obtain a powerful analytical tool.