Home Office

Home Office is becoming a phenomenon of today and working from home is getting underway. Would you like to follow suit but don’t know how? We know the way!

Given the current situation not only in the Czech Republic but all over the world, companies are beginning to realize that Home Office can be an effective form of work enabling their employees to perform fully despite not being in the workplace. Even when imposed by external circumstances, Home Office has undoubted benefits. In many situations, it may enhance the efficiency of teamwork, with regard to both the suppliers and customers.

The possibility to work from home is gradually becoming reality for a large number of employees who often see it as a way to achieve the desired level of flexibility and personal freedom without having to give up their careers. Many see teleworking as a benefit which allows them to balance often conflicting demands of work and private life.

However, working from home certainly has some drawbacks. These include social and professional isolation or poor communication due to the dependence on information and communications technologies. This might lead to misunderstandings and delays, and the communication process itself is considerably more difficult.

If we focus solely on technology, we need to realize that effective functioning cannot be ensured by an employee being connected to the Internet or to a VPN and the corporate information system. This is not a functional and effective Home Office.

What is effective Home Office about then? Efficiency can be achieved by a set of appropriate methodological, organizational and legal measures supported by appropriate IT tools.

Would you like to know how to go about it? We will be happy to help you – we know the way.