Cloud infrastructure

An interesting infrastructure solution comparison has been recently released by Microsoft.

There are two solutions: the first one – purchase – is a traditional one. The second solution is to rent Microsoft Azure using cloud services.

For example, when purchasing three servers – to be more specific: application server, database server and web server – the rules are pretty simple. The servers come with licencing packages which create two thirds of the infrastructure price. The results are very interesting. The comparison was spread into 5 years span which is a time period in which an infrastructure should be used. They managed to save up to 29 % of the total costs. Given the fact that in the next following five years implementing Azure won’t be necessary, the cost reduction can be even higher.

Although a lot has been said about Azure, there are still many companies that have never heard of it. Azure can reduce your cost for changing the infrastructure but that’s not the only advantage it has. It could save your finances, and also bring safety not only from the general point of view but from the legislation point of view as well, including ISO 27018, ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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